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Latin America

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This week, our blog has been written by two of my academy students, Cristina and Itzy. This is a chance for them to showcase their English publicly. As Latin American natives, Cristina and Itzy let us in on a few secret locations that are a must-see in their countries, Peru and Panama.

Choqolaqa, Peru

"a forest of stones taken from another planet in Arequipa”

Also known as Nauqqa Arequipa, this historic place, which consists of majestic rocks, is known as the ancient Arequipa. According to its ancestral history, Choqolaqa was made up of large palaces, streets, avenues and zoos. Choqolaqa is located in the district of Tisco, a beautiful territory that stands out for its incomparable natural landscapes and its valuable monuments, like its cathedral, which was built in the mid-18th century.

Being an ancestral territory, this is the center of sacred rituals and festivities of thanks to Mother Earth. One of the most representative and important festivals held in this Stone city is the Tisco- Choqolaqa Tourist Festival. This cultural and religious event takes place once a year in Choqolaqa and seeks to highlight the traditions, crafts and attractions of this territory. During the tour you will see the imposing stones, which have unique shapes.

Choqolaqa 1

Lake Sandoval, Peru

Lake Sandoval is located in the Tambopata Candamo National Reserve. This lake is considered the most beautiful of the Peruvian jungle. This area is located in the region of Madre de Dios, south of the city of Puerto Maldonado. It is shaped like a crescent, occupies an area of 3 kilometers long by 1 kilometer wide and its depth ranges between half a meter and 3 meters. Its waters are usually at a temperature of 26°C; this beautiful lake is located in a swampy ecosystem where large waterholes, lupunas, mahogany and Mauritian palm trees grow up to 30 meters tall.

The lake is also home to a wide variety of species such as tongs, macaws, parrots, herons, tapirs, turtles and refuge from the river and the black lizard, both endangered.

Boating on Lake Sandoval is something you can’t ever forget, surrounded by the lush landscape of the Peruvian jungle with sounds of nature and the company of black alligators and turtles. An essential stop on the way to lake Sandoval is monkey island, an entertaining place where different species of this animal coexist in total harmony with nature. 

Visit the suspension bridge over the jungle with panoramic views : one of the most beautiful experiences near Lake Sandoval is being able to observe the whole jungle with a panoramic view.

Lake Sandoval 1

The Waterfall, Panama

When you arrive at the airport in Panama City, you have to drive through the city or across the highway Interamericana in the west direction to the countryside. You drive for about 70 kilometers ( about 55 minutes) until you get to the town “Las Uvas“ ( The Grapes) then you drive approximately 20 kilometers (20 – 25 minutes) until you reach a hamlet called Las Margaritas.

At the entrance of Las Margaritas you must leave the car and pay the fee that the community has imposed for visitors for the place. The tariff is $2 per person and if you want the services of a local guide, you pay an additional $10. From that point the journey is done on foot, since the terrain is very uneven and if you don’t have a large 4×4 car you may not be able to get there.

There are no signs, so you must continue through a small path marked on the ground. After walking for about 12 minutes, you enter a dense jungle, following a path, and you must walk through very rough terrain for approximately 6 – 8 more minutes. You use your balance a lot, in some places you hold on to bushes, rushes or roots. At the end you arrive at this little piece of paradise, a waterfall of approximately 40 meters. It is recommended to go in specialized sneakers or shoes for hiking.

Latin America
Waterfall 3

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