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Take group classes online with a native British English teacher

Virtually Fluent Academy provides a virtual academy experience for learners of English. We use modern means of technology, such as Zoom, as well as the latest apps, games and interactive resources to replicate a real-life academy experience. 

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All our classes take place on Zoom, which has numerous tools available to provide an interactive learning environment, including a chat tool, a share screen option, quizzes and polls, an online whiteboard and the ability to pair students into individual video chats for pair or small group work. The link to all Zoom classes is available on your account with a countdown to each class, so you can keep track of your lessons, no matter what your time zone.


All resources used in class, including videos, documents and audios will be uploaded to our Virtually Fluent Drive. This will be accessible from the day you purchase your course with no expiry. Students can upload their own homework to this drive too, meaning all resources for the classes can be found in one place, providing an organised and efficient learning environment.


We have created our own syllabi to help students achieve the descriptors of proficiency at each level of English according to the CEFR. When a student enrols one of our academy courses, they get full access to all our individual self-paced courses of that level. This provides video explanations of the topics covered in class and additional exercises in case the student wishes to reinforce their learning. They will have life-long access to these courses.


You can easily connect with your fellow course members from the day you purchase your course. We provide course forums, a private messaging tool and an online student profile to allow all our students to make the most of their online experience. We like to help people from all over the world connect through the means of English.

Payment Plans

For those paying for an entire semester upfront, we offer a discount off the price of the semester. We also offer a payment plan, allowing for three monthly payments as an alternative to paying upfront. Payments can be made using credit or debit card or PayPal with a variety of currencies available on our website.

Academy Terms

Below is our calendar of classes for the autumn semester 2021. Times below are shown at BST (British Time). On Sunday 31st October 2021, the clocks change in the UK to GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). If the clocks do not change in your country, your lesson time will be 1 hour later than scheduled. 

Academy Matriculation

We want to ensure our students are taking courses where they truly progress in their level and learn relevant topics. For this reason, we ask all our students to take our online matriculation test before booking a place on one of our courses. After completing this matriculation test, our teachers will recommend the most appropriate course for you based on this test. If you choose to book a course without taking our matriculation test, you may choose the incorrect level and you may either repeat topics you know or find the level too challenging.

To complete this test, you need around 30 minutes.

Academy Courses

Once you know your English level, you can enrol in our associated course. By the end of one course, you will be able to move onto the next level in the following semester. We will be offering classes in more levels in the near future. It is difficult to quantify exactly how many hours you need to progress from one level to another. By following our entire syllabus below and evolving through the courses, you could eventually reach native level English.

Pre-A1 Courses Thumbnail

These courses are for beginners with no knowledge at English at all.

A1.1 Course Thumbnail

These courses are for learners with a basic knowledge of English.

A1.2 Course Thumbnails

These courses are for elementary learners with a basic understanding of English.

A2.1 Group Courses

These courses are for elementary students with a good knowledge of all basic English grammar.

A2.2 Course

These courses are for high-level elementary students close to the intermediate levels.

These courses are for pre-intermediate students with a good knowledge of English.

Our young learners courses are supporting courses for students between 8 and 11 years old.

Conversation Courses Thumbnail

Our conversation courses provide the opportunity to focus only on speaking and communication in English.

Our tourist English courses provide you the opportunity to practise speaking English in typical tourist situations.

Academy Features

Watch our video below to see all the features we offer to our Virtually Fluent Academy students. To hear the explanation, unmute the video.


We currently have students from 21 countries around the world!

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Download our free PDF with the basics of English.