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Benefits of learning English

Increase your salary and job opportunities
Research shows that people with a higher level of English are more likely to have higher salaries and be in managerial positions
Study at the world's leading universities
9 of the top 10 universities in the world are in English-speaking countries
Speak to people around the world
English is the second most spoken language in the world by natives and non-natives
Engage in global social media
It's predicted that 50% of all content online is written in English
Understand international academic research
Studies show that up to 80% of academic journals are written in English

Why choose Virtually Fluent?

Choose from our selection of self-paced grammar, pronunciation, business, tourist and general English courses. 

Book a private one-off or a regular weekly or monthly class with an experienced and native English teacher. 

Our Courses

Become part of an online English community

Join our specialised groups to find people who are like-minded, such as “English for Spanish speakers” or “legal English” and make recommendations for new groups to be created. You can also connect with other members by adding them as friends, messaging them, posting on their Virtually Fluent profile, liking their posts or sharing your course progress with them.

Find everything in one place

All our course content is thorough with extensive examples, resources, exercises and self-study activities. All the information you need is in one place. You can write course notes using our online notes tool and edit, export or print them. Your notes from all courses that you’re enrolled in are saved in your online notes folder. You also have lifetime and unlimited access to your purchased courses and course groups alongside downloadable course certificates.

Be in an immersive English environment

Everything from start to finish is in English. Engage in course forums, participate in course polls, quizzes and surveys and provide your feedback in English, pushing you to constantly use the language. We also provide real-life examples taken from native English sources in all courses so you can see how your newly-learned English is used by native speakers. 

Access fun, interactive and dynamic activities

All our courses incorporate fun and interactive online tools including online flashcards, speech recognition, games and spin the wheel activities to make the English learning experience more fun. We offer environmentally friendly alternatives to most activities to save printing and all courses have brand-new content written by Virtually Fluent to avoid learning the same old topics in classic English textbooks.

Our Classes

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English tailored to you

Our online teachers select the topics you most struggle with to help you improve your English level. Our own content as well as popular online content will be used to support your learning.

Flexible schedule

Choose your classes as often as you want. Choose a one-off class or regular weekly classes to fit your schedule.

Consistent teaching

Continue lessons with the same teacher as a gold learner throughout to ensure consistent learning. Your teacher will learn your strengths and weaknesses in English and build on each individually. 


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Did you know?

People speak English natively
People are learning English as a foreign language