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This week, our blog is slightly different. It has been written by three of my students at Virtually Fluent Academy- Patricia,  Susana and Hernán, from Peru and Chile. This is a chance to showcase their English!

Today we move to the southern Pacific coasts, specifically to the coasts of Chile and Peru. Here we can find endless beaches, both countries have very long coasts.

Map of Chile and Peru

We start with 4 beautiful beaches that stretch along the coast of Peru.

Playa La Mina

Playa La Mina is an exquisite cove beach in Paracas National Reserve, with gentle blue waves lapping on pockets of sand tucked among multicolored cliffs. Not every beach in Paracas is good for swimming, but La Mina is. The natural harbor of cliffs makes for calm waters and a sandy floor.

This beach is not very large, and can get quite crowded, especially at weekends during the Peruvian summer (December to April) when locals like to cool off. You can get there by bike, taxi, or private car.

Playa la Mina

Playa Yumaque

Playa Yumaque
Playa Yumaque is one of the wider beaches beaches in Paracas National Reserve, and it allows camping. It’s a swathe of white sand between bright red cliffs with views across the bay to distant, craggy shores.

Swimming is not very popular here, perhaps due to submerged rocks and the presence of jellyfish. Best to check with the locals before getting in the water. Residents of Paracas enjoy fishing and lounging on the sand here, but crowds are rare. If you camp, you’re almost guaranteed to enjoy a lot of space to yourself, with only the sounds of the waves. Note that Paracas can have very strong winds, so be sure to secure your camp at all times of day. It is not always windy, but you never know when the calm will end.

Tuquillo Beach

On the Peruvian coast there are many beaches that are truly beautiful, and most of these are rarely visited. One of them is “Tuquillo” beach, it is very attractive, but with little tourist influx. The “Tuquillo” beach can be found north of Lima, in the Ancash region, specifically in the city of Huarmey, a port city.

This beach is located just 10 minutes from the city center. It is a beach that is characterized by its crystal clear and calm waters, we can find low waves. That is why the locals classify it as a swimming pool, but perfect for swimming and cooling off from the intense sun. Its sand is fine in such a way that it increases the comfort and satisfaction of bathers, it is also excellent for various sports, such as volleyball and soccer.

Tuquillo Beach 2

These photos were obtained through the page of the Provincial Municipality of Santa. Available:

Also the beach of “Tuquillo” has small islands, these islands are very beautiful, attract a lot of attention, they are incredible to take pictures, and have a great experience. They generate greater attraction to the place. On this beach you can take boat rides, a very beautiful adventure, where you will have the opportunity to see all the beautiful landscape around.

On this beach you can witness beautiful sunsets. It is perfect for families. And a great place to camp. Visitors mostly prefer to camp at Christmas parties. The beach is always in good condition, since it is the duty of all bathers to leave it very clean. The “Tuquillo” beach is simply beautiful. The photos were obtained through the page of the Provincial Municipality of Santa.

Beach El Dorado

In Ancash we will also find another beautiful beach called “El Dorado”. This beach is located in the district of Nuevo Chimbote, in the Province of Santa, approximately 20 minutes from the center of the district. Before, the access road to this beach was a bit difficult, but nowadays it has improved a lot, since now it also has a parking area, allowing a greater number of visitors. We will find some restaurants where you can try delicious dishes of typical food such as the famous ceviche. Usually on this beach there is live music.

El Dorado Beach
The photo was obtained through the following link: 

At the “El Dorado” beach we will find blue, calm and clean waters, without waves, it also has white sand. On this beach, bathers will have no problem putting their swimming skills into practice. This beach is perfect for scuba diving, you can also experience the adventure of boating, it must be said that the locals also fish by line. All this makes this beach an excellent place to spend time with the family – a great experience.

Another outstanding feature of this beach is that you can practice other sports such as motocross, use jet skis, and the fascinating “caballitos de totora”. The rides on the “caballitos de totora” are a great experience. The “El Dorado” beach is one of the most captivating beaches on the coast of the province of Santa.

After seeing 4 of the most beautiful beaches in Peru, we will now see 2 of the most beautiful beaches in Chile.



We start in the north of Chile. Located in the region of Antofagasta, we find El balneario de Hornitos, 33km from the municipality of Mejillones. It is characterized by its fine sands, pleasant climate and beautiful landscapes. With temperate waters, serene waves and suitable for bathing, Hornito is nestled amidst rocky coastal cliffs.

This beach is ideal for those people who want to stay in the water day and night, because its quality waters are ideal for bathers. While Hornitos is a tourist place, those who wish to have a good stay there, must be fully equipped, since Hornitos does not have drinking water, nor light, nor any type of basic service (supermarkets etc…). Hornitos is the ideal place for swimming, camping and many sports.

Caleta Punta de Choros

In the region of Coquimbo, we find the cove of artisanal fishermen of Punta de Choros. In this cove the local artisans are dedicated much of the year to the extraction and fishing of fish and seafood but they also devote a large part of their resources to tourism, since on these coasts of Chile there are 3 islands called Isla Damas, Gaviotas and Choros. Within these beaches we find a lot of marine and terrestrial fauna.

Within this sector is the Humbolt Penguin National Reserve, within the fauna we can find: the bottlenose dolphin, the chungungo and the humbolt penguin. But we also find several beautiful beaches such as: Las Barrancas, El Aguila, La Ventana and Los Bolones. To get to this cove you must go by car or hire a tour, as it is far away from any city.

Caleta Punta de Choros 2

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