What Is This Blog All About?

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Welcome to Virtually Fluent!

My name is Hannah and over the past year and a half I’ve been working day and night to get this company up and running and ready to help you improve your English.  Right from the beginning, I desperately wanted a blog to be part of my company. I wanted to help people learn about the English language in a useful way (and for free!)

What is your blog all about?

There are plenty of blogs online that focus on specific English grammar topics, so I want to use my blog to provide an insight into British culture and how to use English as an everyday language. 

Each month, all blogs will be related to one topic, so you can get a real understanding of how English is used in everyday life. I’ll talk about infamous British events like Wimbledon, Royal Ascot and Glastonbury, I’ll provide you with insider knowledge for amazing places to visit in the UK that are off the beaten track, top tips for saving money when travelling in the UK and many other things.

How often will you post?

My goal is to post a blog once a week so if you subscribe you’ll receive our blog via email as soon as it’s released! 

How can your blog help me improve my English?

As well as having exposure to the English language by reading my blog, each blog will have a small vocabulary, grammar or practical English topic attached to it, which you can choose to complete. And I’ll send a follow-up activity a few days after each blog, so you can practise this new language too.

So what are you waiting for?

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And don’t stop there

And don’t stop there, join us on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. I’ll post pictures and videos of everyday life in the UK and you can join in our polls and surveys on Facebook and interact with other English learners.


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