What Does A Change in Monarchy Mean?

The monarchy dates back thousands of years in the UK and it’s heavily integrated into every aspect of society. Given that it’s been 70 years, pretty much a lifetime, since we last had a new monarch, many don’t realise the amount of change required. In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at some of the biggest aspects of British society that now need to change and adapt to a new King.


The face of the monarch is printed on every single note and coin in the UK and the Commonwealth Realms. A new mint now needs to be released across the country. The Bank of England and the Royal Mint announced that these new notes and coins are expected to be in circulation by mid-2024.

National Anthem

The national anthem in the UK includes the title of our monarch. As opposed to “her” and “God Save The Queen”, we will now sing “him” and “God Save The King”.

Stamps and Post Boxes

Similar to money, a portrait of the monarch is printed on all stamps in the country. A new portrait of our King will now be printed on each stamp. The cypher of the former monarch ERII can be seen on the front of red post boxes across the country and this will now change to CRIII for newly installed post boxes.

Legal Changes

All qualified lawyers in the UK carry the letters QC (Queen’s Counsel) after their name. This will now change to KC (King’s Counsel).


As well as the cypher being printed on post boxes, it also appears on the front of official buildings and documents and on police uniforms.


On the inside of British passports, the phrase “Her Britannic Majesty’s Secretary of State requests and requires in the name of Her Majesty …”. This will now need to be changed to “his”.


There’s a huge quantity of souvenirs across the country carrying the Queen’s face and these will most likely be changed to Charles’ face now. All information relating to the Royal Residences will also need to be updated.. 

The Royal Family is integrated very deeply into British society with so many changes to come to embrace King Charles III as our new King.


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