Shrove Tuesday

Shrove Tuesday or “Pancake Day” is the feast day before Ash Wednesday, which marks the beginning of lent. It provides the last opportunity to eat up all the eggs and fatty foods before the fasting period of 40 days before Easter.

Traditionally, pancakes are made of flour, eggs, milk and a pinch of salt. Mixing these ingredients together makes up a batter, which is then thinly fried in a frying pan and served with various toppings such as lemon, sugar or syrup.

In the UK, this day provides an opportunity to dress up and race around the local streets whilst tossing pancakes in a frying pan! The most famous of these races is at Olney in Buckinghamshire. It is said that, in 1445, a local woman heard the shriving bell whilst making pancakes and ran to church (with the pancake in the pan), still wearing her apron. Many UK towns now hold similar events. 

Another traditional event is Shrove Tuesday football, which dates back to the 12th century. Sadly, this has died out in most towns and villages now due to the 1835 Highways Act, which prevents football being played on public highways. Having said that, you may still see this happening in Alnwick, Ashbourne, Sedgefield and Cornwall, to name a few.

Check out my pancakes from last year!

So, why not celebrate Shrove Tuesday? Let us know how you get on!

My pancake flipping skills are improving!


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