Mischief Night

In continuation of Halloween earlier in the week, Mischief Night is an unofficial holiday where kids and teenagers play pranks on their elders. Historically, this takes place on 4th November but has been celebrated by some more recently to 30th October in the run up to Halloween. 

Mischief Night originated here in the UK back in the 1700s when the headmaster of a school urged his students to have a bit of fun and play pranks on each other. Word got out and eventually local communities, primarily youngsters, would start playing pranks on each other. At this time, it was known to have happened right before May Day as opposed to Halloween. 

Typical jokes or pranks that people play include throwing toilet roll around, switching around shop signs, throwing eggs or flour at each other, covering door handles in treacle or shaving foam – unpleasant but harmless pranks. Unfortunately, some people have taken Mischief Night to the extreme and have committed vandalism or criminal acts using the evening as an excuse. In some areas, you may hear about an increase in arson and damage to police vehicles or public property. There is often an increased police presence on this night in the big cities around the country. 

Despite the occasional delinquent, Mischief Night is often a wonderful experience to bring together adults and children within a family for a bit of harmless fun. 


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