Household Chores in the UK

Typically, people don’t enjoy doing household chores, they’re a bit of a drag but they have to be done so we live in a clean environment. How do household chores get done across the UK and who does them?

It’s been found that Brits spend an average of 7.3 hours each week on household chores, of course this includes cooking, cleaning and childcare amongst many other things. A recent study shows the most “loved” chore is actually hoovering, followed by laundry and then general tidying. At the opposite end of the scale we have ironing as the least liked, followed by cleaning the oven, shower, bath, sink and loo. 

Household chores always brings up the question of gender roles in the household because there tend to be typical jobs that the men and women do. According to a recent study in the UK, the most commonplace household tasks for women are cleaning the bathroom, laundry, dusting, polishing and cleaning the oven. For men, it’s putting the bins out, gardening, also cleaning the oven (we must really like clean ovens here), food shopping and washing up.

So, we have a slightly more balanced society now than in the past but data does show that women are still more likely to do the majority of the household tasks. However, this is a contentious issue for couples because around 20% of couples tend to argue about who does the household chores, who does more, who does less – it’s always a sore topic.


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