Freshers Week

Most universities across the UK start a new academic year at the end of September or beginning of October. Although many students are returning to their studies from previous years, there’s always an influx of new students setting off on their new independent life away from the comfort of home. 

With this comes Freshers Week. Dating back to only the late 1900’s, Freshers Week, previously known as “Week 0” of the semester, is the ultimate week of socialising, partying and preparing for life as a uni student. The brand new students are called “Freshers” (shortened from “Freshman” used in the USA). 

Universities have embraced Freshers Week and provide a huge array of events to allow new students to get comfortable with their new home for the years to come. The Union buildings offer workshops and taster sessions to show what extracurricular activities, sports clubs, societies and groups are available for the students, the university itself offers tours and introduction sessions so you can get to know your campus and the administration teams will often require you to complete your official enrolment, including student ID and course registration.

Freebies are also a huge part of Freshers Week. Most universities have deals with stationary companies, takeout restaurants and even businesses looking to recruit. They’ll often pile freebies on you to get you started with your new independent life. 

The week is mostly recognised for its provision of social experiences.  Halls of residence will host competitions, meet and greet events, and parties or discounted entry to social events in the local towns and cities. 

However, the week also acts as an introduction to the university and allows students to get themselves organised before starting their first classes. You often meet your tutors, get your library cards, go on campus or city tours and meet the other students taking the same classes as you. Most students also register with their new university doctor, dentist or optician.

Many students often describe Freshers Week as the best week of their lives. They’re filled with booze, constantly socialising and adapting to life away from the comfort of home and the protection of school. Of course, many end up spending their monthly allowance in the first week too! The week can be so exhausting, you may end up with “Freshers Flu”. 

If you’re joining a UK university, take advantage of everything on offer in Freshers Week, meet as many people as you can, try out as many different activities as possible and enjoy every moment before the hard work starts the following week. 


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