Fashion In The UK

Towards the end of this week, one of the “big four” fashion shows takes place in London, that’s right it’s London Fashion Week. What better way to celebrate London Fashion Week than learning a little bit about fashion in the UK. Fashion and textiles is a hugely important industry in the UK and this is reflected through the media coverage and popularity of London Fashion week.

London fashion week is bi-annual and takes place in February and September every year. It’s actually organised by a non-profit, the British Fashion Council, and provides a showcase for British designers, models and Londoners who can visit. Traditionally, it took place in Somerset House but since 2016 different landmarks around London have been used for catwalks and presentations.

Nowadays London fashion week presents ideas from designers around the world and ranges from luxury brands and haute couture down to high-street brands and off the peg clothes.

What is the British style?

Given the ever-changing weather and the four distinct seasons, the clothes that Brits wear constantly change and age, generation and interest in fashion will play a huge role in how fashionable a person is. According to online surveys, the most popular outfit is an all-in-one long-sleeved dress for women and casual jeans and a t-shirt for men. Brands are also an important factor when deciding what to wear, although most people will choose high-street brands as opposed to luxury brands and bespoke items of clothing. High-street brands offer huge ranges for each season and fashionistas will hit the shops regularly to ensure they’re always à la mode.

Who leads the British fashion industry?

Some of the leading designers in the UK are Stella McCartney, Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen and Victoria Beckham. We also have plenty of internationally famous models too, including Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Cara Delvigne and Elizabeth Hurley. Some of the biggest influencers in the fashion industry in the UK are the members of the Royal Family, including the children. As soon as a Royal Family member is seen in an outfit, Brits race to the store to purchase the same item of clothing.

What are the cultural outfits in the UK?

Whilst the traditional style in the UK is the same as most Western countries, there are a few traditional British items. Most notably is the kilt, traditionally worn at formal events by men in Scotland. The kilt is a tartan skirt and can be seen at weddings and formal celebrations across Scotland. Individual items that are typically British are the bowler hat, the mackintosh and top hat and tails.


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