English Heritage

English Heritage is a charitable organisation based in the UK that protects historic heritage sites across the country. The organisation dates back to the late 1800’s although it was first known as part of the government, the Office of Works then the Ministry of Works. It was under Margaret Thatcher’s government in 1982 it became a separate body from the government and continued expanding to become a part of the tourist industry

Ever since it has grown its portfolio to protect, care for and open to the public hundreds of castles, abbeys, houses, forts and many other historic sites. It provides information booklets, audio guides and has turned each spot into an accessible area and fun day out for tourists. 

Since 2015, the English Heritage has been run in two separate parts and each has a different focus. One is to look after the sites and raise money to do so whilst the other deals with the administrative and legal aspects including planning, grants and promoting the heritage of our country. The entire organisation is run by a team of staff but there are hundreds of volunteers at each site too

Some of the most famous English Heritage sites include Stonehenge, Hadrian’s Wall, the Tower of London, the Palace of Westminster and Westminster Abbey, Durham Castle and the baths at Bath. 

You can easily buy tickets for each of the English Heritage sites on the day or online prior to your visit. However, they also offer a membership scheme to allow you to visit multiple sites within the space of your membership. At the time of writing an annual membership for an individual is £66 for a year with discounts available for seniors, students and children.


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