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Welcome to our free YouTube course!

My name is Hannah Wilkinson and I’m a native British speaker and qualified English teacher. 

Over the next few months and years, I hope you’ll join me on our free YouTube English course. We will start right at the very beginning with some beginner topics and eventually build up to advanced level courses. Whether you’re a beginner who has never spoken a word of English or an advanced learner looking to touch up on accuracy, I’m sure you’ll find something that interests you in our course. 

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What will I learn?

We have created a syllabus of the most important grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary topics and will post a video to our YouTube channel every week. We also have more detailed paid courses available on our website that you can buy to “top up” on our YouTube videos. Our first syllabus (below) is a guide to progress from beginner level to pre-intermediate level, so remember to subscribe to our channel and turn on notifications so you can see all our new videos. 

Let’s get started!

Video 1: Greetings

Level: Beginner

Learn the basic greetings in English, including hello and goodbye. 

Video 2: The Alphabet

Level: Beginner

Learn the uppercase English alphabet with the correct pronunciation. 

Take our English alphabet course to learn more including the lowercase alphabet, common mistakes made by learners and acronyms for native speakers.

Video 3: Numbers 1-20

Level: Beginner

Learn the numbers from 1 to 20 and the correct pronunciation. 

Take our cardinal numbers course to learn every number in English, take a quiz to practise and access numerous activities to reinforce your learning.

Video 4: Numbers 21-100

Level: Beginner

Learn all the numbers from 21 to 100.

Take our cardinal numbers course to learn every number in English, take a quiz to practise and access numerous activities to reinforce your learning.

Video 5: Personal Information

Level: Beginner

Learn how to provide personal information in English. This video teaches the questions and answers to provide your name, age, job, country, where you live, your address, telephone number and email address.

Video 6: Sentence Structure Part 1

Level: Beginner

Learn about the most important functions in a sentence in English: subject, verb,noun, adjective and adverb. You’ll see example sentences with all of these functions and detailed definitions. to help you build English sentences. 

Video 7: Subjects

Level: Beginner

The first part of most sentences in English is the subject. Review the definition of a subject and the different types of subjects that exist. By the end of this video you’ll know how to use all seven personal pronouns, nouns, noun phrases and names as the subject in any English sentence. 

Video 8: Top 20 Verbs

Level: Beginner

Review the most important verbs in English so you can start creating your own basic sentences. In this video we focus on the correct pronunciation. For definitions, we recommend finding a translation in your own native language. 

Video 9: How to use English verbs correctly

Level: Beginner

Verbs are the most important part of an English sentence and it’s important to use them correctly. Here, we review what a verb is and why the characteristics (active, stative, regular, irregular, transitive, intransitive) are important.

Video 10: How to use English nouns correctly

Level: Beginner

In this video, we explain the important characteristics of an English noun and look at the differences between common, proper, countable, uncountable, singular and plural nouns. 

Video 11: How to use English adjectives correctly

Level: Beginner

In this video, we explain how adjectives are used in English, where they are placed in an English sentence and why the order of adjectives matters.