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Do you need English to travel?

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Feeling confident with your English can put your mind at ease when travelling. By completing our series of Virtually Fluent Tourist courses, you can be prepared for anything when travelling – using transport, checking in to your hotel and even what to say in an emergency!

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If you want to practise using tourist English you can join our summer intensive courses which take place on Zoom. These are 1-month courses where we review the key vocabulary and phrases needed to travel in English. We simulate tourist situations so you have plenty of practice in English speaking. We also include unlimited access to all our tourist English courses (see below for our courses on offer).


Travel Tips

As native British English teachers, we have lots of tips and inside information for your visit to the UK. Check out some of our blog posts for tips and advice for places to visit and ways to travel in the UK. 


Tips For Dining In The UK

The British can be very particular when it comes to dining at a restaurant. Hopefully these tips will help you feel more at ease! Reserve…

Public Transport In The UK

Public transport is mostly privatised in the UK, which is quite different to other countries. Learn how the public transport system works in the UK and …

Places To Visit In The UK

Most people visit London when they travel to the UK and never venture outside, but the UK has so much more to offer. Take a look at our favourite cities…

Getting Around London

Public transport in London can be complicated if you’re visiting as a tourist. Read our insider information as native Brits to learn how to get around…

Watch our top travel tips for visiting the UK then test your comprehension skills with our quiz!

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