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Play the games below to practise using your new vocabulary.


Guess which word the tool is thinking of. The number of dashes represents how long the word is. Select the letter that you think is in the word. If it is correct, it will appear in the correct place. If it is incorrect, you will be given a line. You can only guess 5 incorrect letters before the man is hanged.

Word Search

Find the listed words in the word search. Drag your mouse over the word and it will be highlighted.


Click on one cell in the crossword and you will be shown the corresponding sentence. This sentence has a word missing. Decide what this word is, then type the word into the crossword. If the word is correct, it will turn green and remain in the crossword.

Word Scramble

Drag and drop the letters into the correct order to form a word. To see the definition of this word, press "hint".

Flashcards: Match

Click "start game", then drag and drop the words to their definitions.


Click start, then you will hear a word. Type the word you hear and press enter to submit your answer. To hear the word again, press the audio button.

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