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Tips For Practising Numbers

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Applying your newly-learnt English to your everyday life is the best way to remember it and practise. After all, these are the most likely situations when you will be using English.

Tips for Practising Numbers

Below are some suggestions of activities you can do yourself with no resources required to help improve your numbers in English. 

If you have a pack of cards, you can easily create a number game. First, take out the jacks, queens, kings and tens from the pack then shuffle the remaining cards. Select four cards at random and place them next to each other. Imagine this is a four-digit number and say this word out loud. In the image below the number is 3536, which is three thousand, five hundred and thirty-six. You can repeat this activity with 5, 6, 7 or if you’re feeling more advanced 8, 9 or even 10 cards in a row to create numbers. 

When you are next shopping, either in person or online, take note of the prices of certain objects. Say these prices to yourself to practise your numbers.

There are huge amounts of data available online. Use a statistics website such as statista or ONS, find something that interests you and read the statistics out loud to yourself. 

We spend a large proportion of our day on social media. At some point you will come across a post that has mass likes or shares. Say these numbers to yourself. For example, in the image below, a live feed from the UK government had three hundred thousand, one hundred and forty-three views. 

Do you have any top tips to share with us? Write your suggestions in the comments below.


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