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Although this may seem obvious, reading is a great way to improve other skills, such as pronunciation and grammar.



  • The key to reading in a foreign language is to find something that you enjoy. If you like fashion, choose a fashion magazine, if you like crime, choose a crime book. You’re more likely to enjoy the learning experience and learn more when doing something that is enjoyable. 
  • If you can’t think of any online resources, check out our additional resources page, which lists numerous free online and offline tools for reading.  Here, you can find level-adapted pages, so you can find something that is the right level for you.
  • As you should know, the past participle is mostly found in the past simple tense and adjective endings. Luckily, these are very common forms to find in reading resources, so you will definitely have plenty of practice with any resource.
  • The most important thing for pronunciation is reading out loud. Find a quiet space and read the resource out loud to yourself. 
  • When you come across a word ending in ED or an irregular past participle, pay special attention to the correct pronunciation of this word.