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Pre-A1 Personal Information

Personal Information

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Lesson Plan


  • To learn questions to ask about personal information in English
  • To learn phrases to respond to personal information questions 


  • Vocabulary


  • 45 minutes
  • Online

Slides 3-5

  • Review information from previous classes. You can do this as a full class, selecting random students or separate into individual groups.

5 mins

Slides 6-56

  • Ask students to read all questions to check correct pronunciation.
  • Ask students for the answers to the questions before checking the correct phrases. 
  • Ask students the questions individually to practise the phrases.
  • Slides 49- 56: Review questions and answers 

15 mins

Slide 58

Practice 1

  • Ask and answer the questions in pairs or ask students to present themselves in a paragraph (written or spoken) using the questions to guide them.

5 mins

Slides 60-61

Practice 2

  • Match the questions and answers together. Read all boxes before matching them together.

2 mins

Slides 63-64

Practice 3

  • Select a student to read the short text then answer the questions on slide 64. Ask students to identify the correct answers. Focus on the information rather than the correct form of the tenses.

5 mins

Slide 66

Practice 4

  • Ask students to create the questions for the information provided. Ensure that the question structures are correct. This could be done at random as a group or in pairs. 

3 mins

Slide 68

Practice 5

  • Listen to the audio of the telephone number and ask students to write it down. Write in the chat to ensure the number is correct.

2 mins

Slide 70

Practice 6

  • Correct the sentence (this is  a typical mistake for Spanish and French speakers)
  • Ask students to clarify why it is incorrect.

3 mins

Slide 71

Practice 7

  • Give students a couple of minutes to write down 3 personal information questions. 
  • Ask them to ask another student the question. Ensure the students feel comfortable with the student names. 

5 mins

Round up – ask for clarifications/ questions and explain the homework, demonstrating the tools.


  • Write a forum response

Writing / Vocabulary 

  • Upload a video response

Speaking / Pronunciation

Course Materials

Personal Information