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Pre-A1 Greetings / Alphabet

Greetings and The Alphabet

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The Alphabet
Practice 3

Lesson Plan


  • To learn basic greetings in English
  • To pronounce all letter of the alphabet correctly


  • Vocabulary
  • Pronunciation


  • 45 minutes
  • Online

Slides 3-16

  • Read words out loud and get students to repeat
  • Slide 5 – Elicit the difference between the two words (give examples – friends/family/boss)
  • Slide 15 – Elicit the difference between the two words (give examples – friends/family/boss)

5 mins

Slides 17-18

  • Select two students to read the dialogue (can repeat with numerous pairs)
  • Ask students about the different tones – formal and informal – how can they tell? 

5 mins

Slides 21-27

Practice 1

  • Ask students to identify the greeting for each time of day
  • Mention that “good night” is not a greeting, but a farewell in English

5 mins

Slides 29-37

Practice 2

  • Ask students to fill in the gaps. You can do this as a class and select individual students or work in pairs and go through the answers together 

5 mins

Round up – ask for clarifications/ questions 

Slide 39

  • Go through the alphabet with students repeating all the letters
  • Slide 40 (optional) to compare sounds if there are pronunciation difficulties

5 mins

Slides 41-49

  • Review the letters on each slide and focus on the differences (these will be different with each native language)

5 mins

Slide 51

  • Select students at random and point to random letters
  • Take note of difficulties with students and ask them to repeat 

5 mins

Slide 53

Practice 1

  • Spell the words out loud. You can do this as a class – select individuals randomly – or work in pairs

5 mins

Slide 56-66

Practice 2

  • Explain the activity to the students and ensure they have pen/paper to write down the words
  • Listen to the audio and spell out loud. 
  • When reviewing the answers, ensure students write the word using the chat tool for correct spelling.

10 mins

Slide 68

Practice 3

  • Read the sentences out loud, remember students may have little understanding of words in English, so tell them to focus on the acronyms (the letters of the alphabet)

5 mins

  • Round up – ask for clarifications/ questions 
  • Explain the homework and demonstrate the tools


  • Write a response to the greetings forum

Writing / Vocabulary 

  • Complete the online quiz

Writing / Vocabulary 

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The Alphabet