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Personal Pronouns Flashcards

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Flashcards are a great tool for reviewing vocabulary. In this case, you can use them to practise using the correct personal pronouns.




  • Download and print out the flashcards. 
  • Separate the cards into white cards and blue cards.
  • Shuffle all the white cards together. 
  • Shuffle all the blue cards together. 
  • Place all the cards on a flat surface facing down. Put all the white cards on one side and all the blue cards on another side. 
  • Turn over a blue card, this will be a personal pronouns. For example, I. Say this pronoun out loud correctly. 
  • Now turn over a white card, this will be an image. For example, the image on the right. This image should represent the personal pronoun card you turned over. If this is correct, eliminate this pair of cards from the game. If this is incorrect, turn both cards over again and repeat until you find matching pair.