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Past Simple v Past Continuous Keywords Flashcards

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Flashcards are always a great tool for learning new vocabulary. There are numerous activities that you can complete using one set of flashcards. You can download, cut up and print out our flashcards or use our online tool.


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  • Download, print out and cut up the flashcards.
  • Shuffle the cards well, then place them in a pile facing upwards.
  • Take the top card. E.g. ago. This will be a keyword.
Flashcard saying "ago"
  • Using your knowledge of keywords with the past simple and past continuous tenses, create a sentence. Some keywords will allow both tenses to be used, but some only allow either the past simple or the past continuous tense. 

Online Tool

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Or you can use our online tool to save printing.

Online Flashcards

  • Click on the wheel below and it will spin for 5 seconds.
  • It will eventually land on a keyword.
  • Using your knowledge of keywords, create a sentence using this keyword correctly with the correct tense.
  • Repeat this activity as many times as you want. 

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