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Course Syllabus

Read the course syllabus.


This is the page you’re on now, where you can see an in-depth explanation of what you’re going to study in this course.

We set out the key objectives for this course so you can identify what you need to learn. We provide a downloadable checklist that you can print out to check off the points as you go through the course.

Go through this presentation at your own pace to learn about tenses in English. You will learn what they are, how many we have in English and we’ll focus on where the past perfect lies on the timeline of tenses.


Watch our explanation video about the past perfect tense. This includes the slides used in our grammar presentations with notes lines and an interactive worksheet, which you can answer whilst watching the video. We provide the correct answers to this interactive worksheet too and point you to our grammar forum, where you can ask any questions about the correct grammar of the past perfect tense.

Keywords are special words that work very well with one tense. In this video, we explain the most common keywords in the past perfect tense. We explain their position in the sentence, whether they require time phrases or not and if they work in affirmative, negative or question sentences.

After lots of teaching experience, we have identified the most common mistakes made when trying to use the past perfect tense. We explain the top 3 and point out how you can avoid making these same mistakes yourself.

This is a short presentation that provides real-life and everyday examples of the past perfect tense in the news and around the Internet. 


This activity uses the vocabulary of life events, such as learning to walk, your first word and your first hobby. We ask you to try and remember the first time you completed these activities, therefore requiring the past perfect tense. You’ll get to practise the use of the keyword “by the time” too. You can easily download our flashcard prompts or use our online tool to avoid printing.

Review your use of the past perfect tense when two past events are used in a sentence. Download our timeline flashcards and explain the series of events, correctly using the past perfect tense and the typical keywords in this tense.

Using similar flashcards to the previous activity, this reverses the activity, giving you various sentences whereby you must put the activities in the correct order on a timeline to check your understanding. You can download our timeline template as well as the flashcards and answers.

Use our course forum to express your biggest regrets using the past perfect tense. You can read what other course learners have written and you can receive feedback and corrections from our teachers.

Use our downloadable sentence starter flashcards to think creatively and use the past perfect tense. You must explain why certain events happened using the past perfect tense. You can share your reasons with us on a group forum.

Test your knowledge and understanding of the past perfect tense by taking this quiz. You’ll be tested on all forms, use and structure of the tense and will receive your grade immediately after completing the quiz. You can read through our detailed explanations and answers after completing the quiz and compare your result to our other course members on our quiz leaderboard.


This review page summarises everything learnt in this course. We present all the forms of the past perfect tense as well as the use, some example sentences, keywords, past participle formation and ED pronunciation all in one page.

After completing the course, you can review your achievements and analyse what you have learnt. 

We’d love to hear what you thought about taking this course.  Take this short feedback quiz in 5 minutes to help us improve this course for future learners. 

We recommend using your course group regularly for support.