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Nationalities Grammar

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Below you can find our interactive worksheet and answers as well as the slides and notes. We highly recommend downloading all three documents to help you understand the content in our video. 

Interactive Worksheet: This is a series of questions that you should answer at the same time as watching the video. This tests your understanding of the main content in the video.

Interactive Worksheet Answers: This document provides the correct answers to the interactive worksheet. All examples are taken from the video.

Slides and Notes: This document shows the slides used in our explanation video, so you can make your own notes next to each slide.

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Video Contents

Below, you can see an outline of the video you’re about to watch.  If you want to skip to a certain part in the video or repeat a section, use the timings in this outline as reference. 

Click to play the video and scroll through the transcript below

Additional Resources

Below is a summary sheet of the questions and answers that can be asked to learn about somebody’s background as well as a list of 195 countries around the world with their nationality, language and person.


Once you have a full understanding of how nationalities, countries, people and languages work in English, take our grammar quiz at the bottom of this page.