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Flashcards are a great tool for reviewing grammar in English. You can quickly review a topic and create games to make the learning experience more fun.




  • Choose one set of flashcards above. If you want to test your general knowledge, use the “flags only” flashcards, but if you don’t know many flags around the world, use the flashcards with the country name too.
  • Download, print out and cut up the flashcards you have chosen.
  • Place all the flashcards in a pile and then select the top card. On this card, you will see the flag of a country. If you don’t know which flag this is, review our answer guide (at the bottom of this page) to find the correct country.
  • Once you have identified the correct country, you need to create 4 sentences. One sentence that explains the country, one for the nationality, one for the language and one for the person. 
  • Using the flashcard on the right, we might say: She is from Spain (country), she is Spanish (nationality), she is a Spaniard (person) and she speaks Spanish (nationality).
  • Check your answers using the document below, then move on to the next flashcard until you have completed all the flashcards. 

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To save printing, you could use our wheel below instead. Click on the wheel to spin it and it will land on a country name. Create four sentences (country, nationality, language and person) then check your answers using our answers document above. Spin the wheel again to repeat.

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