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Modal Verb Can Course Syllabus

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Course Syllabus

Read the course syllabus.


This is the page you’re on now, where you can see an in-depth explanation of what you’re going to study in this course.

We set out the key objectives for this course so you can identify what you need to learn. We provide a downloadable checklist that you can print out to check off the points as you go through the course.


Watch this grammar video to learn everything there is to know about the modal verb can. You can complete our interactive worksheet at the same time as watching this video to check your understanding and our answer guide to check your responses. We also provide the slides used in our grammar video presentation with notes lines.

Test your knowledge of the modal verb can in this online quiz. You can receive your results with full answers and explanations as soon as you submit your responses. Your score will be added to our modal verb can leaderboard, so you can compare your responses to our other course learners.

Learn the correct pronunciation of this modal verb by watching our pronunciation video. You can complete our interactive worksheet at the same time as watching this video and check your answers too, and all slides used are available in PDF format.

Put your can/can’t pronunciation to practise with our sentences and phrases. You can also listen to audios of a native British English speaker saying each phrase out loud to hear the correct pronunciation.


As well as practising your pronunciation of can and can’t and reviewing how this verb is used in English sentences, you can complete the challenges to make a fun and energetic activity.

Take a look at some sentences that English learners typically make with the modal verb can and learn how to avoid them yourself. You can complete this worksheet then check your answers using our answer guide.

Listen to a series of songs that use the modal verb CAN in their lyrics. You can listen to the song and complete our gap fill worksheets to check your use of this verb.


Download our one-page summary of the topic to use for reference. 

After completing the course, you can review your achievements and analyse what you have learnt. 

Take a look at other resources that we have published related to this course so you can expand your English knowledge.

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