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Let It Be: The Story of the Song


Let It Be is an all-time classic that was written by the English band, The Beatles. 

This song is an emotional ballad that was written and sung by The Beatles member  Paul McCartney. His mother, Mary McCartney, sadly passed away when he was only 14 years old and this song is dedicated to her, which is why you hear the name Mary throughout the song. Whilst recording an album in 1968, McCartney had a dream about his mother, she reassured him that life would be OK and said “let it be”, which inspired him to write the song Let It Be

This song was one of the last of The Beatles. It was released on their last album in 1970. The story of the song is about letting past problems remain in the past and to move on to new things. This was a fitting story for what was the last album of The Beatles before they all moved on to new things. 

The song has a strong Christian connotation about forgiveness and moving on, something that John Lennon supposedly hated about this song. There was such a strong rivalry between John Lennon and Paul McCartney and this was most evident during the release of this album. 

Despite this being an extremely successful single and  album for The Beatles, it was actually originally released by Aretha Franklin in early 1970, only a couple of months before The Beatles’ release. The Beatles made it a hugely successful song, reaching number one and top ten in many countries worldwide. It has become an anthem for global disasters and is sung at many charity events.