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Learning English with Music

Click to play the video to hear some of our top tips about learning English with music.

Top Tips


Most people find it easier to learn music and lyrics than a vocabulary list in English. Try learning the chorus (or if you’re feeling daring the entire song) off by heart! This way you will learn expressions and entire phrases that you can apply to your everyday English.


Pick out one phrase or word that you find most useful to you and apply it to your own English. Force yourself to use this word. You could write sentences on paper that use this word (in a way you would typically use this word) or try to insert it in your speech (presentations, conversations with others). It will be difficult at the start, but once you have used it a few times, you’ll start to feel comfortable applying it to your own vocabulary. Once you feel comfortable with one word, try another one from the song. 


We recommend really focusing on the grammar topic that we presented with this song. We only explain the basics of the grammar in this course as we want to focus on listening skills instead. However, this is a great opportunity to go into detail about the grammar topic. Try taking our individual course on this topic or research it yourself and complete some exercises to understand it fully. Then review this song again after you fully understand the grammar to see why the singer has used this grammatical structure. As well as building your grammar base, you can see how it’s applied in everyday life.