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Further Reading and Listening

Below are some of our favourite additional resources to learn more about this topic.

Follow Online

Imperial War Museum

The Imperial War Museum will be posting videos, information, photos and lots more across their Facebook and Twitter accounts all day.

BBC Live Coverage

The BBC will post regular updates about events happening around the UK in their live news stream. 

Useful Websites


This is the official website in the UK for events that are taking place around the UK as well as some additional information about VE Day. Note that a few of these events have been cancelled or postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak. 

The Royal British Legion

The Royal British Legion is the charitable organisation that supports those in the British Armed Forces. Read all about what they’re doing to support VE Day and the amazing work they do today to help those who serve their country. 

English Heritage

English Heritage are the ones behind the dance-along at 5pm on 8th May 2020. They provide a guide to the Lindy Hop dance, recipes from the 1940’s and fun facts about the events of VE Day in 1945.  


Captain Tom Moore

Over the past few weeks, veteran Captain Tom Moore has raised over £30 million for the NHS. It all started by walking 100 laps in his garden before he reached 100 years old on 30th April. Ever since, he has been leading the VE Day celebrations. Read all about his story in this article. 


English Heritage YouTube

The English Heritage YouTube channel has numerous videos showing all sorts of things about life in the 1940’s. A tutorial on how to do 1940’s makeup, recipes from the 1940’s and informational videos about life in the past are just some of the amazing videos they have. 

VE Day in London

British MovieTone show a great video about the events on VE Day in London in 1945. Images and videos from the celebrations in London as well as a timeline of events are shown.  

Watch the official speech of Boris Johnson, the prime minister of the United Kingdom, to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of VE Day.

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