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Does Your Mother Know: The Story of the Song


Does Your Mother Know is a classic dance tune written by the Swedish band ABBA, released in 1979. 

The story of this upbeat song started when lyricist Björn Ulvaeus read a  newspaper article about predatory men taking advantage of young girls and he decided to change the story about an older man worrying about a young girl being out late at night and asking “why are you out, does your mother know you’re out?”

The lead singers of ABBA were Agnetha Fältskog and Anni-Frid Lyngstad but for this song, they decided to add Björn Ulvaeus to sing too, taking the part of the male. 

Although the song ended up as an upbeat dance song, it originally started as rock n’ roll with lengthy guitar solos in the middle, but when they realised the song was over 6 minutes, they decided to cut the solos leaving the song as a dancefloor classic instead. 

The song was successful in Europe reaching number one in Germany and Belgium and in the top 10 in Canada, Finland, the Netherlands, the UK, Switzerland and Australia.