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Differences between this course and our paid courses

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Welcome to this course which explains some of the reasons why you should learn English.

The primary reason we provide this course is for you to see what kind of activities we have inside our paid courses. You can see the style of our activities, the amount of information and supporting documents we provide you with and the way we explain the grammar and pronunciation topics.

However, not all of the tools that we offer in our paid courses are available in this course. Upon purchasing a paid course, there are some additional features.

Online community

You will gain unlimited access to our online community. Here, you can update your profile, post updates for the community to see, answer polls and surveys and ask questions on our forum boards about your purchased topics. You can also become a member of specialised groups such as “English for Spanish speakers”. 

Additional Resources

You will have access to numerous additional resources including links to free websites that can help you improve your English, our top tips for improving each skill, questionnaires and tools to help you find out what kind of learner you are and our favourite TV series, films, magazines and books.

Online Tools

You will have full and unlimited access to our online tools, such as our course notes tool, where you can download and print out any notes made on your courses and a certificates portal to download all your course certificates. 

So, we hope you enjoy this course, which provides a small insight into what we offer and we look forward to you joining our community.

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