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Course Syllabus

Read the course syllabus.


This is the page you’re on now, where you can see an in-depth explanation of what you’re going to study in this course.

We set out the key objectives for this course so you can identify what you need to learn. We provide a downloadable checklist that you can print out to check off the points as you go through the course.


Use our self-paced presentation to remind yourself of what a contraction is and why they’re used in English.

Learn the common contractions in English and listen to native audios of these expressions too so you can pronounce them perfectly. You can download our summary page too.

Review the typical mistakes English learners make with contractions to avoid them yourself. You can download our self-paced presentation as a PDF.


Rewrite these long form sentences with their correct contractions then read the phrases out loud to practise your pronunciation.

In reverse to the previous exercise, understand the meanings of our sentences and write them in long form. We also provide an answer guide. Again, you can read them out loud to practise pronunciation.

Test your knowledge of contractions in this online quiz. You’ll receive your score immediately alongside corrections and feedback and your score will be added to our course leaderboard.


Download our one-page summary of the topic to use for reference. 

After completing the course, you can review your achievements and analyse what you have learnt. 

Take a look at other resources that we have published related to this course so you can expand your English knowledge.

We’d love to hear what you thought about taking this course. Take this short feedback quiz to help us improve this course for future learners. It’ll only take 5 minutes!

We recommend using your course group regularly for support. You can access the forums, photos of course content and interact with other course group members.