Pre-A1 Academy Courses

Pre-A1 Academy Courses





Pre-A1 is a complete beginner in English with no prior knowledge of the language. Our pre-A1 course teaches English from level zero, covering the most topics and grammar in the language. If you have never learnt English before then this is the course for you. Topics include greetings, personal information, numbers, colours and dates.

By the end of our Pre-A1 academy courses, you should be able to hold a basic conversation in English, talk about yourself, your likes and dislikes, understand questions and read and write basic English.

Our Pre-A1 course is for 5 people minimum and 10 people maximum. Virtually Fluent Academy has the right to cancel the course if there are not enough participants enrolled. In this case, a full refund will be given. 


  • To understand everyday expressions and a basic conversation in English
  • To use everyday expressions and have a basic conversation in English
  • To introduce yourself and others
  • To ask and answer questions about personal details


Our Pre-A1 course is a 10-week journey. Below is the outline for our Pre-A1 courses. As soon as you enrol in an academy course, you will have lifetime access to all our self-paced courses on these topics.

Pre-A1 Syllabus


Winter Semester 20210

Enrolment for all our pre-A1 courses in the winter semester has closed. Join us for a new course in the spring semester. 

Spring Semester 2021

During the Spring Semester we are offering 1 Pre-A1. The Spring Semester starts on Monday 11th January 2021 and ends on Friday 19th March 2021.

Intensive Pre-A1 Course

  • 3 hours per week
  • Start: 11th January 2020
  • End: 18th March 2020
  • Schedule: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 6-7pm BST
  • All students enrolled in this course will have access to all Pre-A1 self-paced courses on our website. 

Full Payment Upfront £155 (equivalent £5.15/hour)


Three Monthly Payments of £70

A1.1 Course

Enrolment opens on 1st December 2020

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