Gold Learners

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Gold Learners

£25.00/ hour

Gold learners are students who want English classes as part of their schedule with daily, bi-weekly or weekly classes.


Gold learners will agree a set schedule with their teacher and the bookings will be made automatically for them. A minimum of 4 hours per calendar month must be booked (excluding the first month).


An invoice will be sent to you at the end of the month and you can make one payment through our website via card or with a PayPal account.


You will have the same English teacher in all your bookings. You will be in constant touch with your teacher through our internal messaging system.


Lessons will take place on Zoom and you can follow an individual learning programme that your teacher prepares for you. All materials will available on Google Drive.


Gold learners will have priority of the schedule over our introduction and silver learners. 

Our typical gold learners...


Most frequent questions and answers

That’s completely up to you! You can choose to have a daily, bi-weekly or weekly class. All gold learners must have a minimum of 4 hours per month, with the exception of the first calendar month, in case you wish to start in the middle of the month. 

Our gold learners have a 48 hour cancellation policy. Any classes cancelled with more than 48 hours’ notice from the starting time of the class, will be cancelled and the learner will have the chance to reschedule this class. Any classes cancelled within 48 hours of the starting time of the class will be charged at full price with no refunds available and no possibility to reschedule.

Yes. You can become a silver learner whenever you want. You must complete any bookings already made before changing. All you have to do is let us know. Send us an email to admin@virtually-fluent.com or send us a private message on our internal messaging system and it will be sorted. 

No. At the end of each calendar month, you can decide whether to continue another month. We will reserve your scheduled classes 2 months in advance in the hope that you will continue with us. This ensures your teacher will be available for you and this time won’t be taken up by introduction or silver learners.

At Virtually Fluent, we recognise the British public holidays as bank holidays. If your class falls on a public holiday, the class will be cancelled and you can reschedule it with your teacher. If your class falls on a local public holiday, you must inform your teacher at the beginning of that calendar month to rearrange the class.

The day before all classes you will receive a notification email. You can keep track of your booked classes on your account.

All of our lesson resources are on Google Drive. When you become a gold learner, your teacher will share a Google Drive folder with you and you can see all the lesson resources here. We expect all learners to have their Google Drive open at the time of taking the class. The only additional page you’ll need open is Zoom. Your teacher will provide their Zoom details after your introduction class. 

We provide a 15-minute waiting window at the beginning of each class. If a learner does not appear in the online class within the first 15 minutes, the class will be automatically cancelled with no refund available.

Yes. You can send your teacher emails, presentations, documents or anything you wish to review or discuss. Any information sent to your teacher will be in the strictest confidentiality and anything sent to your teacher via our website will be protected by our privacy policy: https://virtually-fluent.com/privacy-policy-and-cookie-consent/.