English Levels

English Levels

At Virtually Fluent, we offer 6 levels of courses: Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Intermediate Plus, Upper Intermediate and Advanced. These levels have different names around the world. Use our table below to help you find which Virtually Fluent level you are. 

Our test is completed through Tracktest. We recommend reading our instruction guide below before taking this test. It should take approximately 10 minutes. 

Open the link using the “take this test” button above.

Fill in your personal details (email address, name, create a password and accept the terms and conditions).

Click “start short test”.

Answer the questions. There are 15 multiple-choice questions (5 questions on 3 pages).

You will receive your results immediately. Read the recommended level according to your results. 

6 Find a course at Virtually Fluent with your recommended level.

The Council of Europe provide detailed information about the skills that each English learner should have at each level.

Free Downloads

basics of English Pdf

Download our free PDF with the basics of English.