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Our pre-A1 courses explain the basic elements of the English language. If you have zero knowledge of English and have never learnt this before, you should start here. By the end of this syllabus, you’ll have reached A1 level, be able to hold a basic conversation in English, talk about yourself, understand questions and read and write basic English.


Pre-A1 Objectives

Pre-A1 Courses

As part of our pre-A1 bundle, you’ll have unlimited access to all these courses and course materials. You can complete them in any order you would like, but we recommend following our specially-designed syllabus.

Course 1


Course 2

The English Alphabet

Course 3

Cardinal Numbers

Course 4

Personal Information

Course 5

The Calendar

Course 6


Course 7

Verb To Be

Course 8

There Is and
There Are

Course 9

The Phonetic Chart

Course 10

Question Words

Course 11

Telling the Time

Course 12

Basic Phrases

Course 13


Course 14

In the Classroom

Course 15

Classroom Commands

Course 16

Demonstrative Adjectives

Course 17


Course 18

Play, Do and Go

Course 19

Free Time Activities

Course 20

Opinion Verbs

Course 21

Pre-A1 Summary

Course Features


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Make notes on any course page to download to Microsoft Word or print. All your notes are stored in your online diary.


Social Groups

Join our course social groups to connect to other learners, message them and engage in forums.



Use our built-in translator to translate anything into your own language.

Live Chat


Ask our teachers anything English-related using our online messaging tool.

Interactive Worksheets


View transcripts for all our video lessons to understand everything that our teachers say.

Laptop and books


Download numerous resources including flashcards, worksheets and games to practise.

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Ronal Zometa
Posted 1 year ago
Muchas gracias.

very grateful to you Hannah helped me a lot in the few days. God bless you and her family. a very dynamic great teacher.

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Posted 1 year ago
I learnt english a lot

I liked this course because i met new people and learnt grammar. It was amazing. Thanks for sharing

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Posted 1 year ago

I loved the course and Hannah is fantastic, very friendly, patient and the dynamics of the study is to learn without fear. I recommend it to eyes closed.

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Posted 1 year ago
Very Enriching

very enriching, I really liked it, I contribute a lot of knowledge in a few days. I will always recommend it, and to our teacher Hanna, thank you very much for sharing all of her knowledge for our learning.✨🌺

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Posted 1 year ago

I liked this course i learned many things with you I did not know you are in my eyes the best teacher because I have never seen anything like your method of teaching It is a beautiful method may God preserve you thank you

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Nancy Jackeline
Posted 1 year ago
Agradecimiento a Hannah y Virtually-Fluent

Gracias Hannah y Virtually-Fluent, por tomarse su tiempo e interez a que muchas personas aprendamos a escribir, hablar, enterder y conversar INGLES!!!!, creo que no muchos tuvimos la oportunidad de hacerlo en nuestra etapa de niñez o adolecencia, pero nunca es tarde para aprenderlo, tengas la edad que tengas. Agradezco muchisisisisismo de corazon sobre todo a MY TEACHER HANNAN,

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Posted 2 years ago

Thank you for your patience and for your great pedagogy of teaching English. You were for me the best teacher I have ever had, you have helped me to trust my intellect and also to overcome my fears. Thank you for your attention, teacher, for those hours that you dedicated to us every day to foster in us those attitudes that will mark our lives forever and especially for becoming a great friend.

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Posted 2 years ago
It is incredible

This courses is very good. I learn english in short time i recommend this courses to other peoples. It is very fast and some easy to learn english

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