Learn some key vocabulary to deal with an emergency as a tourist in an English-speaking country.

Tourist Attractions

This course teaches useful phrases to buy tickets at tourist attractions and we look at some typical signs seen around sites.

Tourist Shopping

Review essential travel items as well as prices and shopping phrases in English.

At The Restaurant

Review important food and drink vocabulary as well as useful phrases to order in a café or restaurant.


Review some key words and phrases used in English tours.


Learn phrases to make reservations at a restaurant, hotel or tourist attraction in English.

Public Transport

This course teaches useful phrases and vocabulary to navigate public transport in the UK as well as buy tickets.

At The Hotel

Learn about types of accommodation as well as hotel amenities and check-in/check-out procedures in English.

At The Airport

In this course we learn the key vocabulary and phrases to navigate an airport confidently in English.


This course is all about holidays! You'll practise your listening, reading and writing skills t…


Learn how to give and understand directions in English as well as important items around town. You'll practise listening to directions, pronouncing di…


Learn the continents, seas, countries and nationalities in this extensive beginner English course. You'll learn the vocabulary, pronunciation and phra…

Basic Phrases

Learn some basic phrases in the English language to navigate a basic conversation. We'll look at apologies, introductions and being polite.