Learn the essentials connectives in English to write more complex sentences.

Make and Do

Learn how to use the verbs "make" and "do" correctly in all tenses as well as in collocations.

Modals of Probability

Learn which modal verb to use when talking about probability and possibility in English.


Learn how to use the structure "let's" correctly and how not to confuse it with lets.

Adjective Endings

Learn how to use the ING and ED adjective endings in this grammar course.

Adjectives v Adverbs

Review adjectives and adverbs and learn how to use them both correctly in English.

Elementary A2.2 Summary

Test your elementary A2.2 English in this series of online and printable tests. We also provide…

Adverbs of Manner

In this course we explain exactly how adverbs of manner should be used in English.

Past Simple v Present Perfect

There's a very small difference in meaning between the past simple and present perfect and we review this difference in our course.

Phrasal Verbs

In this course we review the structure and pronunciation of phrasal verbs and learn the most common ones.

Basic Verb Formation

Verb formation is one of the fundamental elements of English grammar and we review the rules and patterns in this course.

The Basic Future

Despite being called the simple future, there are four different tenses we can use to talk abou…

Will Future

In this course, you'll learn how to create and use the "will" structure to talk about simple future events in English.