Would Like v Want

Review the grammatical structures of would like and want and learn their difference in meaning in this online grammar course.

Have Got

Learn the correct use and definition of the native British English structure "have got".

Make and Do

Learn how to use the verbs "make" and "do" correctly in all tenses as well as in collocations.


Learn how to use the structure "let's" correctly and how not to confuse it with lets.

Although and However

Although and however are tricky words in English because they are so similar. In this grammar course, we explain the difference clearly.


Learn what an intensifier is, how it is used in English and the most common intensifiers for beginner English.

Negative Prefixes

Learn the five important negative prefixes for adjectives in English and which adjectives they're commonly used with.

Modal Verb Can

Learn the correct definitions, form and pronunciation of the modal verb can and practise using our online activities.

Face and Body

In this course, we'll learn the basic face and body vocabulary as well as the five senses and practise these in some online activities.

Brand Names Pronunciation

Many of the big brand names are from English-speaking countries. Take a look at our brand names course to check you're pronouncing them correctly.


Every sentence in English must use a subject. This course explains what subjects are, which ones exist in English and provides numerous activities for…

Cardinal Numbers

Learn how to say any cardinal number in English from 0 to 1,000,000 and beyond and review decimals and prices too.

Past Participle

What is the correct past participle of the verb "try"? Take this course to find out.

Present Participle

Learn the present participle form of any verb in English in this course. We'll also review the correct present participle pronunciation.

Why Learn English?

Take one of our free courses to understand the value of learning English as a foreign language. We provide a range of activities to give you an insigh…