Elementary A2.2 Summary

Test your elementary A2.2 English in this series of online and printable tests. We also provide…


Learn about science equipment, some research phrasal verbs and discover the topic of science in this online course!

Consonant Clusters

Consonant clusters are tricky in English but we provide plentiful practice in this course.


In this course we'll learn cooking verbs and kitchen utensils as well as learn how to talk about cooking and food confidently.


In this course, you'll learn important phrases to talk about music in English.

Adverbs of Manner

In this course we explain exactly how adverbs of manner should be used in English.

Past Simple v Present Perfect

There's a very small difference in meaning between the past simple and present perfect and we review this difference in our course.

The Olympics

In this course, we learn some key vocabulary, phrases and phrasal verbs to talk about The Olympics and sports competitions in English.

Phrasal Verbs

In this course we review the structure and pronunciation of phrasal verbs and learn the most common ones.

Expressing Opinions

Being able to agree, disagree or express a neutral opinion is vital in a foreign language!


In this course, we review key vocabulary to talk about nature, the environment and the countryside.


Learn the vocabulary to talk about all kinds of measurements in English.

Basic Verb Formation

Verb formation is one of the fundamental elements of English grammar and we review the rules and patterns in this course.


Learn some important vocabulary to talk about technological devices over time.


Learn some important vocabulary to talk about different professions in English as well as discussing your own responsibilities and tasks at work.


Learn lots of new phrases and words to talk about life at school in English, including school subjects

Although and However

Although and however are tricky words in English because they are so similar. In this grammar course, we explain the difference clearly.

At The Doctor’s

Learn some key vocabulary and phrases in English to allow you to comfortably talk to a doctor in an English-speaking country.