Beginner A1.2 Summary

Test your beginner A1.2 English in this series of online and printable tests. We also provide a summary booklet of all the beginner A1.2 content.

Prepositions of Place

Learn the main prepositions of place in English. We'll review their pronunciation and put this …

The Home

Learn some phrases and vocabulary to describe and talk about your home in English.

The Schwa Sound

Learn what the schwa sound is, how to pronounce it and why it is useful to sound more native in…

Prepositions of Time

Learn about the three English prepositions of time and review some key time phrases to be used …

Possessive Pronouns

Possessive pronouns are useful to avoid repetition in English. In this course we teach all seve…

The Superlative Form

Learn how to create the superlative form for any adjective in English and put this into practic…

The Comparative Form

Learn how to create the comparative form of any adjective in English and practise the comparati…

Accessories and Patterns

Review your clothing vocabulary and build on this by learning accessories and patterns in English too.


Learn what an intensifier is, how it is used in English and the most common intensifiers for beginner English.

Negative Prefixes

Learn the five important negative prefixes for adjectives in English and which adjectives they're commonly used with.

Adjective Order

Learn the correct order for adjectives in English and practise these rules in our adjectives activities.

Personality Adjectives

Learn 40 new adjectives to describe personality, with full definitions and pronunciation too.

Physical Descriptions

Learn how to describe the physical appearance of somebody (hair, weight, height, face) in English in this vocabulary course.

Modal Verb Can

Learn the correct definitions, form and pronunciation of the modal verb can and practise using our online activities.

Adverbs of Frequency

Learn the definitions and sentence position of the main adverbs of frequency in English and practise them using our adverbs of frequency activities.

Illnesses and Treatments

In this course, you'll learn the vocabulary for basic illnesses, treatments and medical buildings in English.

Question Structure

Review question words and auxiliary verbs in questions then practise using the correct word order in present tense questions.

Beginner A1.1 Summary

Test your beginner A1.1 English in this series of online and printable tests. We also provide a summary booklet of all the beginner A1.1 content.

Face and Body

In this course, we'll learn the basic face and body vocabulary as well as the five senses and practise these in some online activities.