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Hannah Wilkinson

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Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursday 7-8pm 

JULY INTENSIVE: July 5th – July 29th

Course Material

In our 4-week course, we will cover the following material.

Week 1


Lesson 1 - Talking About Yourself

Lesson 2: Do First Impressions Count?

Lesson 3

Week 2

Lesson 4 - Expressing Opinions

Lesson 5 - Will Positive Action Solve Diversity In The Workplace?

Lesson 6 - Should Euthanasia Be Legalised?

Week 3

Lesson 7 - Small Talk

Lesson 8: Do Aliens Exist?

Lesson 9 - Is The Death Of Cinemas Near?

Week 4

Lesson 10: Anecdotes

Lesson 11: Should We Invest In Space Exploration?

Lesson 12: Should Guns Be Allowed?

Class Recordings

We record all of our classes on Zoom so you can watch them back to review and practise your English. These will be permanently deleted at the end of the course.

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