Beginner A1.2 Bundle

Follow our A1.2 syllabus

Our A1.2 courses go into more detail about sentence structure in English, by introducing topics such as adjective order and question order. We also start to look at the little words that are most commonly misused in English, such as the comparative and superlative forms and prepositions. It is also A1.2 level that we start to introduce pronunciation topics that help you sound more fluent when speaking in English. 


A1.2 Objectives

A1.2 Courses

As part of our A1.2 bundle, you’ll have unlimited access to all these courses and course materials. You can complete them in any order you would like, but we recommend following our specially-designed syllabus.

Course 1

Question Structure

Course 2

Advanced Cardinal Numbers

Course 3

Illnesses and Treatments

Course 4

Adverbs of Frequency

Course 5

Modal Verb Can

Course 6

Physical Descriptions

Course 7

Personality Adjectives

Course 8

Adjective Order

Course 9

Negative Prefixes

Course 10


Course 11

Accessories and Patterns

Course 12

The Comparative Form

Course 13

The Superlative Form

Course 14

Word Stress

Course 15

Possessive Pronouns

Course 16

Present Simple v Present Continuous

Course 17

Prepositions of Time

Course 18

Daily Routine

Course 19

The Schwa

Course 20

The Home

Course 21

Prepositions of Place

Course 22

Beginner A1.2 Summary

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