Conversation Courses

Conversation Courses


Our conversation courses provide students with the opportunity to focus only on speaking, pronunciation and communication skills in English. These courses are at general levels, meaning learners will find other English speakers who have slightly lower and slightly higher levels than themselves in the same course, this is a great way to push yourself in speaking. 

The topics chosen are current and related to everyday global events giving you the chance to practise using English for realistic situations, such as small talk at work or at a job interview or communicating with colleagues or friends in English.

All our conversation courses are for 12 people maximum, providing plenty of opportunity to practise speaking. Virtually Fluent Academy has the right to cancel the course if there are not enough participants enrolled. In this case, a full refund will be given. 


  • To practise speaking about everyday topics with other English learners
  • To use topic-specific vocabulary and native idioms and phrases to communicate fluently in English
  • To feel confident and comfortable using English to communicate
  • To use both listening and speaking skills to hold a fluent conversation in English


Our conversation courses have no set syllabus as topics are chosen on a weekly basis depending on current global events. However, the topics chosen are appropriate for each level of English. 

Before each class, students will be told the weekly topic and will be given a resources list. This resources list may include videos, articles or links to interesting pages associated to the topic of the conversation class that week. This way, students can research and prepare the topic in advance.

The methodology of our conversation classes is based on error correction. This means students will practise speaking in front of the whole class, in small groups or in pairs and our teachers will not interrupt, simply guide conversation. Our teachers will take notes of typical mistakes made during the class and this will be published for all the class to see after each lesson.

Each week, speaking resources will become available to all students with advice videos from native English teachers and lists of key phrases and words to communicate well in English.


All conversation courses are closed for the summer semester 2021.











We have one elementary conversation course in the summer semester. All elementary conversation courses are 1 hour per week. We recommend these  courses if you are level A1 or A2.

This course is closed for the summer semester 2021

Lower Intermediate

We have one intermediate courses in the Sumer semester. All intermediate courses are 1 hour per week. We recommend the intermediate course if you are level A2 or B1.

This course is closed for the summer semester 2021

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