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Students taking our A2.2 course should have a very good knowledge of all the basic grammar and tenses in English and be able to hold a good conversation. In this course we start to focus on more advanced tenses, such as the past continuous and present perfect and introduce more technical vocabulary to talk about very specific topics. 

English topics, such as booking appointments and giving measurements, provide our A2.2 students with the ability to feel comfortable using English in real-life situations and with a focus on conversational activities, we prepare our students for in-depth conversation with native English speakers. 

By the end of our A2.2 course, you should feel comfortable communicating with native English speakers in a native environment and be able to say and understand entire expressions. 

More complex grammatical structures, such as the first and second conditional, as well as basic verb formation and phrasal verbs are also introduced. 

Our A2.2 course is for 5 people minimum and 12 people maximum. Virtually Fluent Academy has the right to cancel the course if there are not enough participants enrolled. In this case, a full refund will be given. 


  • To talk about events from your past in depth, including anecdotes
  • To use English in a workplace environment, for basic work tasks and for basic communication with colleagues
  • To talk about the natural world and areas to visit in your country/city
  • To talk about music you like
  • To use and understand measurements and book appointments


Our A2.2 course is a 10-week journey. Below is the outline for our A2.2. courses. 

A2.2 Course Syllabus

As soon as you enrol in our A2.2 academy course, you will have lifetime access to all our self-paced courses on these topics.

A2.2 Courses

Course 1

At The Doctor's

Course 2


Course 3

Although and However

Course 4


Course 5


Course 6


Course 7

Past Continuous

Course 8

Verb Formation

Course 9


Course 10


Course 11

Expressing Opinions

Course 12

Zero v First Conditional

Course 13

Phrasal Verbs

Course 14

The Olympics

Course 15

Past Participle

Course 16

Present Perfect

Course 17

Past Simple v Present Perfect

Course 18

Sentence Stress

Course 19

Adverbs of Manner

Course 20

Musical Instruments

Course 21


Course 22


Course 23

Consonant Clusters

Course 24


Course 25

A2.2 Summary


The schedule of our A2.2 academy course depends on the number of students enrolled each semester. To register your interest in this course, use our form below and we’ll guide you through the enrolment process. 

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Posted 2 years ago
The correct pronunciation and how use some words.

I've learned a lot vocabulary and how to use the different tenses.Hannah, she makes me feel comfortable and confident with my pronunciation and she helps us improve all the time.

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Posted 2 years ago
What are the essential words to use when you talk english

I like this course because I learned some of the very important phrases of everyday life, so I need to practice those phrases and also vocabulary, I learned so much of new vocabulary and I use it I think that the contents that our teacher sends to us is very important for daily life in the British countryside and we have lots of topics more to learn.

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!
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If you’re interested in our A2.2 course, please fill in this form with your name and email and we’ll be in touch with our upcoming course details.