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A2.1 Academy Courses





Students taking the A2.1 course are looking to use more advanced structures in their English speaking. This is through little words such as “so”, “such”, “much” and “many” and grammatical structures such as the zero conditional and modal verbs. Our A2.1 course is grammar-heavy to allow students to express themselves more accurately in English in speaking. 

The vocabulary topics covered in this A2.1 course are everyday, realistic situations, allowing you to feel more comfortable if you need to use English in your everyday life, such as on holiday, travelling or at a shop. Although we start with individual words, by the end of the course, we teach entire expressions and phrases to sound more “native” in conversational English. 

By the end of our A2.1 course, you should feel comfortable communicating with native English speakers in a native environment and be able to say and understand entire expressions. 

Our A2.1 course is for 5 people minimum and 12 people maximum. Virtually Fluent Academy has the right to cancel the course if there are not enough participants enrolled. In this case, a full refund will be given. 


  • To talk about meals and likes and dislikes of food
  • To talk about daily activities, hobbies and interests
  • To hold a basic conversation in a shop to make a purchase or ask questions
  • To relate events from your past, including your weekend activities and interesting stories
  • To describe your past life, giving details about important milestones
  • To talk about simple future events and plans


Our A2.1 course is a 10-week journey. Below is the outline for our A2.1. courses. As soon as you enrol in an academy course, you will have lifetime access to all our self-paced courses on these topics.


Summer Semester 2021 A2.1 Course



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Elementary Plus A2.2 Academy


In stock



In stock


Support your academy course learning with a conversation course. These courses are 1 hour a week and focus only on speaking, pronunciation and communication. In our conversation courses, our teachers select one topic a week. We provide a vocabulary and phrase list prior to each lesson as well as interesting articles and videos connected to the topic that you can research prior to the lesson. With up to 12 people in the class you will get plenty of time to practise your speaking.

Summer Semester Elementary Speaking Course


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